While freelancing at North Kingdom, I assisted in developing the art direction and visual style for an interactive installation called GameWaves for HP Omen. Players wore an EEG device while playing either Overwatch or League of Legends, and the device tracked their brain waves, which were then used to create a music video of the mind using 60+ looping clips, data visualization, game feeds, and player webcams. I was responsible for creating concepts for the loops, art direction on set and music design.


Building on the aesthetic style of the HP Omen TV campaign in China, we created a series of short animations that humorously depicted various emotions related to gaming, as detected through EEG. The animations were meant to illustrate different aspects of the gaming experience.

As part of a large team, my role was to coordinate the vision for the booth design, ensuring that it matched our vision and was being properly implemented in China. The distance posed a significant challenge, which made visual communication more important than words in conveying our ideas.

Designing the helmets was an enjoyable aspect of the project. It was challenging to create something fun, strange, and interesting while also ensuring that the EEG devices would function properly in a real-world setting.

The event was massive, similar in scale to Comic-Con in the US. Our team was excited to see photos and videos of the event and understand its enormity.

In this case, my ability to design and build was particularly useful. We had a last-minute need for a mobile take-away score card, which I designed and developed in less than a week.

Here's a photo of the entire team working hard.

The team
North KIngdom
Nick Scarcella
3d Motion lead
Todd Hersey
3d Motion lead
Clara Bacou
3d sculpting lead