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When my partner and I began working at a beautiful, brand new co-working space in the heart of East Hollywood, we had a destined & enchanting run-in with Brandon the co-founder of Calexo. We knew right away that we wanted to help his mission of bringing a low-dose cannabis beverage to market.

I was already inspired by the beautifully distinct brand identity created by TRÜF Creative, and I saw how we could use photography to add depth and texture to the visual language we were building.

Calexo launched with two flavors, and I wanted to create a design for each flavor that would grab the viewer's attention and introduce them to a new concept. I approached the design as if creating a poster for each drink.

We designed each section with a unique palette to maximize visual impact.

In addition to the color palette, I created custom typographic lockups for each section and simple shapes that could be used for animation. These design elements helped to further distinguish each section and add visual interest.

For the About section, the visual design was meant to reflect the lightness and creativity of the Calexo team.

Calexo was bringing to market a new kind of cannabis beverage — utilizing nano emulsified THC. Creating a section that detailed the science was an important idea to share.

The diverse and creative team behind the Calexo brand is just as noteworthy as the beverages themselves. Featuring their stories was a key aspect of the project.

One of my favorite pieces of this site was the UI-Design & Motion Design of the menu. When clicking the wavey drop (which was an asset provided in the brand package) I envisioned it opening up in a very smooth and liquid-like manner.


Distributing a THC beverage can be challenging. I helped design and develop a custom store locator to help connect consumers with the product.

To enhance the "How It Works" section, I created a series of animated images to illustrate each main point. These images were also used as cover images for Medium posts to support the SEO of the site and add a touch of style.

The motion comp below includes all the design elements and serves as the blueprint for development.

The team
team calexo
Lunar Barringer
christen McGuire
strategy / product mgmt